Operation Guide


Operation Guide


Choose your product or service
  • If you are not a member of exporgin.com, create a membership registration. After creating your membership, you can browse through the many product options and add them to your favourites.
  • You can search for the product you want to buy, and you can evaluate several options for the related product.
  • You can add products you like or want to buy to your favourites, or you can complete your purchase by adding them to your cart right away.
  • You can continue shopping where you left off before making your purchase, add other products you wish to purchase to your cart, and place your order if you complete the steps in the purchase procedure.


Steps to order
  • At the purchase step, you must enter the delivery address before placing your order. You can also use your delivery address as a billing address.
  • In this step, you can use the information you entered during registration, or you can update your information and select a new address for your account.
  • After choosing your billing and delivery addresses, select your payment method.
  • in your payment method; Please enter the required credit/debit card information in full.
  • You can complete the payment in installments or at once. You can specify the amount of installments depending on the number of installments offered by the system.
  • Before confirming your order, check your user information (delivery address, billing address, email address, phone number...). Please update if there is any missing or incorrect information.
  • After verifying your user information, you can complete your purchase.


Post-order operations
  • After completing the purchase process, your order will enter the confirmation stage.
  • Your order approved by the EXPORGIN SAS is delivered to the shipping company.
  • If your order has been delivered to the shipping company, you will be notified via email or SMS.
  • You can track the delivery stages of your order by sending you the shipment tracking number.
    • When your order is in the approval stage, you can cancel your product.
    • You cannot cancel your product after it has been delivered to the shipping company. If you wish, you can inform that you will not receive your order from the shipping authority on the day of delivery, and that you will return it. If you indicate to the shipping agent that you have returned the product, the return will be processed.

Shipping and tracking period
  • After placing your order, you can track your order shipments through the system.
  • to track your order; You can view the order number of your relevant order from My Account > My Orders page. Clicking on the order number will open the order information page.
  • You can track your shipment by clicking on the goods tracking number corresponding to the delivery method from the summary section of the order information page.


Return and cancellation process
  • You can return your product when your order is in the approval stage.
  • Orders delivered to the shipping company cannot be canceled by the EXPORGIN SAS.
  • If you provide information that you will not receive your order from the shipping authority on the day of delivery and will return it, the necessary actions will be taken.
  • If you have received your order and would like to return it, you can follow the steps below;
    • When you follow the steps of My Account > My Orders, all the orders you placed on exporgin.com will appear. When you click on the order number of the order you want to return, the order information page will open.
    • When you click on the option to create a return request from the order information page, you can start a return request if you specify the reason for the return.
    • You can follow the process of approval or rejection of the return/cancellation request from the Return Requests page in the My Account menu.
    • You must create a return request through the system within 14 days, including the day you receive your order from the shipment.



Privacy and personal data protection rules

exporgin.com collects all information you provided while creating a membership within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Act 6698 and the statement of procedures and principles to be followed and reserves all your legal rights in relation to the processing of personal data, such as its use, sharing with third parties, storage, protection and your rights in relation to these matters.

You can access the product you want with unlimited product options on exporgin.com and enjoy shopping by adding the product you want to buy to your cart.