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Performance Thermal Undershirt With its sleeveless design, it provides comfort in summer and can be preferred as an underwear in winter.

Thanks to its special design, it shows the abdominal part of the body and the shoulder part wider. All of them are 1st quality flexible neoprene fabric.

Performance Thermal Athlete Male Maximizes the effect in sports and exercise activities . You can achieve the look you want in the entire upper body area.

Performance thermal singlet has special Neotex fabric. In addition to being used in all sports activities, it is also suitable to be used as an underwear in snow sports where you want to keep you warm.

Performance Thermal Undershirt is black inside and black neoprene fabric outside.

Performance Thermal Athlete is the first and only Yamuna design product in Turkey.

Cleaning Instruction
Wash the Performance Thermal Undershirt only by hand, without using detergents or fabric softeners. After each use, you should turn it upside down and ventilate it.

Product Content: 56% Neoprene 44% Polyamide


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